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Pipelline is an incredible puzzle game with beautifull graphics
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Pipeline is a thrilling puzzle game that challenges you to connect a water faucet with the drain so that water can flow freely. The objective of the game is to get the highest score possible, and to do so you have to construct the pipeline using as many pieces as you can since each one will give you points. There are initially 30 seconds to complete the line, and once the time runs out, water will start to flow from the faucet.

Although it seems quite easy (in fact the first levels are), as you move on, the game will become so challenging and exciting that these 30 seconds will not be enough. To help you in your task, there are plenty of bonuses and power-ups, among them are gold pipes that give you double points, a clock which stops the water flow for a few seconds, and a heart which gives you extra lives, plus sprinklers, fire hydrants, diamonds and more . However, you will find a number of obstacles as well, that apart from making the game a lot more fun and dynamic, will demand from you fast reflexes, combined with logic and strategy. To increase your score, you can take advantage of the bonus levels appearing every three stages. On the other hand, before getting started you can choose from three levels of difficulty: handyman, craftsman or plumber.

The game interface is quite nice, with strong metal colors and some cool visual effects, accompanied by uplifting tunes and sounds, plus many other interesting features. The free version of Pipeline can be tried out for 30 days, after which you will be asked to buy a license. If you like challenging puzzles games, then you should definitely try Pipeline.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Really entertaining and challenging
  • Plenty of power-ups
  • Cool music and sound effects


  • The first levels are too easy
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